My Current Favorite Treats

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I am definitely a food driven pup and can be bribed with tasty treats. While I love pretty much anything edible, I especially love treats! I figured most young pups are probably just like me so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you in case you haven’t tried them yet 😉

American Journey Oven Baked Dog Treats

These treats are delicious and come in lots of yummy flavors. These are good reward treats and can be broken in smaller pieces for training purposes or served whole if you are a bigger pup. The Salmon and Peanut Butter are really yummy!

Whimzees Natural Daily Dental Treats

These are some of my favorites! They taste great and really help keep my chompers clean and sparkly.  It’s also worth noting that these last quite a bit longer than most dental chews I’ve tried. My pawrents like to give me one of these while they eat dinner so I behave myself  🙂

Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky

This pup loves salmon treats and this jerky from Trader Joe’s is where it’s at. These are what mom and dad call high value treats. I will do a lot of things for one of these delicious slices of heaven!

Bark Worthies Bully Stick Ring

All natural, great tasting and long lasting all at the same time.  I like a number of bully sticks but these rings keep me occupied and I don’t try to hide the leftovers. I have a tendency to hide the other shapes for some reason. Mom finds my scraps in between her pillows all the time.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals

These might be small but they are full of flavor! More of a training treat, but they are great for keeping me on task or helping me learn some new tricks. They come in multiple flavors but I love the salmon so much, my pawrents haven’t tried the others just yet.

Pedigree DentaStix

These are great because they come in many flavors, all of which I really like! They are great by themselves, but I really enjoy when my pawrents break these up and put them in my Kong Ribbon or Kong Bone. The large size fits best in my toys. Working for my treats keeps me busy longer and I like the challenge. The Fresh flavor keeps my breath nice and minty!

No matter which treats you go with, one thing is for certain, these are Marvey Pup approved. So tell your pawrents you want some varieties in you treat jar!