Find out more about this pup!

These are some common things people ask about me.

Well , let’s just say it’s complicated. My pawrents were told that I’m an Italian Greyhound mix and they can definitely see that. Recently I had my DNA sent to a lab to be tested and found something different.  According to the scientists I’m mostly chihuahua with a combination of all sorts of other things. Mom thinks I am Italian Greyhound, Miniature Pinscher and Chihauha with a little bit of raptor, kangaroo, reindeer, and 100% cuteness. 

I’m just lucky I guess, my pawrents say I was hit with the cute stick, but who knows for sure!

I was pretty nervous the day we met but mom picked me up so gently and I gave her a big kiss right on the face. We both knew it was meant to be.

It’s a pretty funny story really.  Mom and dad rescued me during the holidays.  One of their favorite movies, Home Alone had just been on and Marv sounded like a perfect name for me.

I’ve never met a treat I didn’t like but if I had to pick I’d probably pick a bully stick. They’re just so flavorful and yummy that I can’t resist.  And let’s be honest, I really like to chew and they tend to last a long time.

Without a doubt it’s pawdicures! There’s nothing I dislike more than getting my nails trimmed.

Not too big of a pup but I’m pretty tall for my size and a real long stretchy boy.  I weigh about 16.5 lbs and I’m about 16 in tall and 20 in long.

Not usually! But I am trying to be better about them. Something about water and me just don’t mix! I gets too cold. 

I’m probably one of the fastest pups you’ll meet and I love to be chased.  There’s a good chance you won’t be able to catch me!

This question is ruff… and complicated. I’d say Dad is the best at plays and Mom is the best at snuggles.

I am a one of a kind pup! My pawrents adopted me from Bounce Animal Rescue, but as I mentioned above, my DNA is complicated.

I was born in June 2018. The exact date is unknown but I am ok with mom and dad celebrating me all month long! 

Mostly mom. Dad takes some but mom is way better at the real camera. 

Mom helps my frens find new backyards (she helps their humans buy houses) and she writes a blog about her creative house stuffs. Dad does tech stuff and built my website and both of moms’.  

This pup doesn’t like labels and likes to keeps his options open, but always enjoys making new frens!

Green, if you couldn’t tell.