Why My Pawrents and I Love Kong Toys

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This pup loves Kong toys. Why you ask? Well there’s always tasty treats inside! At least there is at my house. My pawrents love them too but for different reasons. They love them because they are durable and can last many uses and strong enough to keep me busy for a long time.


I have three different Kong toys, the ribbon, the bone, and the traditional Kong. All three have plenty of space to hide treats to keep a pup occupied.

When I was a wee pup, mom learned my DentaStix chews fit in my ribbon and my bone. That kept me interested in them for longer periods of time. Sometimes mom puts peanut butter in my Kong and freezes it for a refreshing treat if I have been really good 🙂 But make sure your pawrents check with your vet first because some peanut butter is very dangerous for pups.

I have a keen eye and nose for my treats and can sense when I am missing out.

Having a few different options makes sure I don’t get bored. Mom and dad like experimenting with new treats which really keeps me on my paws.